KMA Diversity & Inclusion

African American Culture

This module looks at the social history and cultural style of African Americans and how these factors shape their values, beliefs and behaviors. It also examines U.S. mainstream culture and how it compares in style. In addition to establishing cultural differences, we look at the impact these differences can have on the workplace and social interactions.

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African American History

African Americans have a unique social history including discrimination and unequal treatment along racial lines that spans more than two hundred years. This experience impacts the way many African Americans see themselves and others.

African American Communication Styles

One feature of African American culture is to address issues with passion and conviction – taking an advocate’s position. This is different from mainstream culture where positions are represented spokesmen-like, in an emotion-free way.

African American Attitude Toward Authority

Cultural differences are important to recognize when we examine issues around responsibility as it relates to intent vs. impact. A better understanding of these differing factors can positively impact views on fairness and situational outcomes.

African American Understanding Behavior

African American reaction to social oppression and personal discrimination impacts patterns of behavior. We explore specific areas of impact including issues around trust and networking.