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Web-based Training

The KMA Corporate Tribalism series is a modular web-based learning program that examines how values and experiences associated with different cultures can influence communication, attitudes and behavior in U.S.-based organizations.

Create a workplace that works

  • Raise awareness of ethnic cultures and patterns of difference
  • Look at conversations, situations and impressions from a broader perspective
  • Provide relevant tools for understanding and shared responsibility
  • Open the door to new conversations; minimize cultural misunderstandings

Speak the language of diversity

The U.S. workplace has become significantly more diverse. As people from many ethnic backgrounds and cultures come together in Corporate America there’s a tremendous opportunity and urgency to better understand each other. Ties that connect ethnic groups or “tribes” are not limited to race, gender or religion; they also include values, attitudes and ways of behaving.

Learn what you can’t afford not to know

Recruit, retain and engage diverse employees by creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute to the best of their abilities. KMA's expertise helps you create a workplace that promotes high morale, comfort/fit and increased productivity. Learn more about KMA’s web-based training programs

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Available Modules

KMA offers web-based training in the following cultual designations. To learn more about an individual module please select it below.

Introduction U.S. Mainstream Culture Gender and Culture African American Culture East Asian Culture Hispanic/Latino Culture LGBT Culture Arab American Culture South Asian Culture
Jean Mavrelis and Tom Kochman introduce Corporate Tribalism

Jean Mavrelis and Tom Kochman introduce Corporate Tribalism, the web-based series that identifies cultural patterns and differences that are relevant to your workplace.

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