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Corporate Tribalism: White Men/White Women and Cultural Diversity at Work

by Thomas Kochman and Jean Mavrelis

In their latest book Tom Kochman and Jean Mavrelis's share their expertise with the world. In the first half of the book, Kochman addresses white men, and the ways that their cultural background can motivate their behavior, work style, and perspective on others. Mavrelis turns to white women, focusing on the particular problems they face, including conflicts with men, other women, and themselves. Together they emphasize the need for a multicultural - rather than homogenizing - approach and offer constructive ideas for turning the workplace into a more interactive community for everyone who works there.

Written with the wisdom and clarity gained from two decades of hands-on work, Corporate Tribalism will be an invaluable resource as we look toward a future beyond the glass ceiling.

"Kochman and Mavrelis provide analyses, anecdotes, and examples from their research and training experiences that give richness and credibility to their reasoning. As a consequence, their discussions are vivid, insightful, and stimulating. Their arguments about the connection between the cultures of racial, gender, and ethnic groups and the conflicts that can surface between and among members of them are thought-provoking. Their timely conclusions will be relevant in the workplace and to society at large." R. Roosevelt Thomas,
author of Building on the Promise of Diversity

"Full of interesting ideas, observations, and sensible suggestions, Corporate Tribalism offers an easily digestible but serious look at interethnic communication in organizational settings. Built on the authors' own observations and experiences, Kochman and Mavrelis's practical book will appeal to anyone working in human resources or diversity training as well as supervisors and managers in all kinds of organizations. This is a valuable work that deserves to be widely read." Robert M. Entman,
coauthor of The Black Image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America


Black and White Styles in Conflict

by Thomas Kochman

"This book has advanced my own understanding of black/white relations on many fronts. It's Kochman's most brilliant contribution to the field, one that will illuminate racial misunderstandings that have been lurking below the surface for many decades. It's more than a contribution to scholarship. It can serve as a practical guide for anyone who wants to cross racial barriers in education, in business, or in social life." William Labov,
Professor of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania