KMA Diversity & Inclusion

U.S. Mainstream Culture

This module identifies U.S. Mainstream culture, which is the backdrop for better understanding Corporate America and other institutions within the U.S. In this module we examine how this majority culture impacts perceptions and expectations, and how these expectations and assumptions affect people from other cultural backgrounds. We look at how similarities and differences can impact the workplace and social situations.

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U.S. Mainstream Background

To understand mainstream culture and its roots, we look at the early settlement of the U.S., subsequent social history and key events leading up to today. Discussions about mainstream culture provide useful comparisons when addressing other cultural backgrounds and patterns.

Communication Styles

Mainstream culture originated with white Anglo-Saxon Protestant males, a group that has led and created the majority in Corporate America. Understanding this group’s communication style and preferences helps us identify patterns that characterize the majority within the workplace.

Attitudes Toward Authority

Mainstream white males have traditionally led in American workplaces. Identifying mainstream leadership styles and expectations helps more traditional employees address issues of career development, performance and advancement.

Understanding Behavior

In many cases the behavioral styles of mainstream Anglos and other cultures differ significantly. Understanding these differences reduces misinterpretation and leads to greater employee satisfaction.