KMA Diversity & Inclusion

LGBT Culture

This module explores insights and information to better understand lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT culture, with the goal to create a more inclusive workplace where the value and productivity of each individual is fully realized, and where LGBT employees feel safe and included.

Social History and Values

Although significant differences are recognized within LGBT co-cultures, momentous legal milestones, historic events and shared values connect the co-cultures, that include lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals.

Inclusive Language

Comprehensive use of inclusive language within organizations is one way to create a welcoming and safe environment for all employees. Leaders and managers have unique opportunities to create a “trickle-down” effect.

Equitable Policies

For this module, authority is defined as the organizational structure and people in leadership roles who set and interpret policies and practices that impact LGBT employees. Championing a commitment to equity improves productivity with customers, suppliers and communities.

Promoting Allies

Many LGBT employees report stress or anxiety that stems from coming out or being out at work, while non-LGBT employees struggle with how to make LGBT colleagues feel safe and included. Creating an environment of supportive allies is essential.

Transgender Issues at Work

Many workplace issues occur around policies and practices related to when an employee transitions from one gender to another. Even after transitioning is complete, many employees continue to face challenges at work. Clear and comprehensive communications, policies and practices are critical to support and retain transgender colleagues.

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