KMA Diversity & Inclusion

Hispanic/Latino Culture

This module looks at the culture of the diverse and large group of people that identify themselves as Hispanic/Latinos in the U.S. The module addresses the social history and national background of Hispanic/Latinos, as well as their cultural and social patterns in the workplace. The module also examines U.S. mainstream culture and how it differs in style, addressing specific areas of impact that include job performance and employee satisfaction.

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Hispanic/Latino Background

Hispanic/Latino culture is greatly influenced by its association with religion and the different geographical areas from which Hispanics originate. Significant social history and personal experiences impact the culture and include immigrant, minority and refugee perspectives.

Hispanic/Latino Communication Styles

Coming from a more hierarchical tradition, many Hispanics are reluctant to promote themselves at work and expect their actions will represent their hard work. This communication style can create problems where individuals are expected to take charge of their careers.

Hispanic/Latino Attitudes Toward Authority

Many Hispanic/Latinos have more traditional views about leadership, loyalty and collective relationships. As a result, their expectations are often out of sync with their mainstream managers.

Hispanic/Latino Understanding Behavior

Hispanic culture views professional and personal life as closely interconnected. In mainstream workplaces that prefer to deal with these areas separately, these assumptions can lead to confusion and discontent.