KMA Diversity & Inclusion

Gender and Culture

This module looks at the key differences we experience based on our gender including areas of biological, psychological and ethnic cultural differences. The module identifies differences and raises awareness that can positively impact workplace situations, including improved communications, performance reviews and career opportunities.

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Gender Background

Many factors influence gender differences, including biological and psychological development as well as ethnic socialization. Understanding these differences improves communication across gender and cultures.

Gender and Communication Styles

We examine distinct patterns in the ways men and women speak, listen and approach new information. Understanding these differences leads to better and more effective interactions.

Gender and Attitudes Toward Authority

How men and women interact with their managers, and how they lead teams of employees differ. Identifying the different styles men and women use to collaborate can improve results for your organization.

Gender and Understanding Behavior

Differences in physical stature and group dynamics impact the way men and women behave in the workplace. We provide best practice techniques that keep your workforce running smoothly.