KMA Diversity & Inclusion

East Asian Culture

This module looks at how traditional East Asian culture, values and behaviors can impact social and workplace interactions. In addition, we compare how U.S. mainstream culture differs in style and how these differences can affect employee recruitment, performance reviews and leadership assessments.

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East Asian Background

East Asian culture is strongly influenced by traditions founded in philosophical and religious teachings. One result is a hierarchical and role-driven culture. Awareness of these influences provides context for greater understanding of co-workers communication styles and behaviors.

East Asian Communication Styles

Understanding the importance roles play in East Asian culture, communication styles are better understood with awareness to roles and how they impact interactions.

East Asian Attitudes Toward Authority

Clearly defined rank, roles or positions dictate appropriate behavior and interactions in East Asian culture. However, the tradition of “knowing your place” is often misinterpreted and can result in missed opportunities and job promotions.

East Asian Understanding Behavior

Hard work and striving for perfection are highly valued in East Asian culture. These values can impact interactions expectations and collaborations with colleagues.