KMA Diversity & Inclusion


What makes KMA's diversity web-based training unique?
Organizations need new and better ways to manage the different groups that comprise Corporate America. Corporate Tribalism uses more than 20 years of cultural anthropology findings as the foundation for its training. This unique content provides specific and relevant workplace solutions that can deliver immediate results.
What are the benefits of KMA's web-based learning?
KMA's web-based training is flexible and modular. You can take the courses you need - when and where you want. Using an Internet connection, KMA training streams to your laptop or desktop computer.
How is the training structured?
KMA's Corporate Tribalism series currently includes six modules that examine different cultural patterns and their impact on the workplace. Modules can be viewed individually and in the order you prefer.
Can the modules be customized to fit specific industry applications?
Yes. Currently, the training uses generic workplace video vignettes to illustrate and reinforce concepts throughout the modules. These video vignettes can be customized to take place in specific industry environments, like healthcare, retail or manufacturing.
Can my company brand the modules?
Yes. The web-based modules can be customized to present your organization's branding through a tailored user interface.
How does it work?
KMA training can be hosted on public and private servers. This means you can integrate the training with your internal educational system or access the training through an external server.
How long does it take?
Each KMA module is approximately 25 minutes in length. Additional reference materials are available for learners who want to explore content in more detail.
What if I need to stop the training after I've started?
Participants utilizing KMA's external servers can start and stop the lesson modules at any point. The system is designed to allow learners to pick up where they left off. Additionally, learners can return to previously viewed sections for review.
Can you track participation?
Yes. Full reporting and tracking of training participation is available. Participation reports are a valuable tool for managers in tracking an organization's progress.
Do I need any special computer upgrades?
KMA's training program works on both PC and Apple computers. In order to access the media most efficiently, your computer must have broadband access and the most current version of Adobe Flash Player installed.
Can the program work if my company has an intranet firewall?
The KMA Corporate Tribalism series can be hosted on either external or private internal servers. If you have a high security intranet firewall, we recommend hosting the training on your internal servers. Our technical experts will help you integrate the software to work to your specifications.