KMA Diversity & Inclusion

Management and Policy Process

American aerospace and defense corporation

Utilizing multicultural training, account managers build customer confidence while creating substantial savings.


Middle East airline customer requested an aircraft interior reconfiguration in mid-production – delaying the delivery timeframe. The global airlines customer had a lot riding on this midstream change as it would improve their brand image, increase revenue from Business Class customers and enable them to enter into a prestigious global alliance.


Utilizing his recent multicultural training, the Account Manager realized the cultural importance of traveling to see the client face-to-face to work through the delivery details. He applied several mulitcultural communication strategies to handle the challenges and was able to create positive alternatives to support the account. Because of the rapport the manager was able to establish during the visit, he learned additional critical information about the reconfiguration that enabled him to advance more changes and reduce further delays.


The improved communication resulting from the Account Manager’s cultural knowledge and understanding led to expedited decision-making and avoided an additional retrofit after the initial delivery. This resulted in a cost reduction to both Boeing and the customer estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Measure of Success

The customer invited the Account Manager to join him on the new airplane delivery flight back to his country and his successful account management led to a long-term relationship with the satisfied airlines. Additionally, the Account manager continued to seek opportunities to develop his cultural learning, which he credits for positive personal and organizational results.

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